Essential and useful plugins for your website

A few years ago, building a website was seen as a difficult and costly job. Nowadays it has become more practical, thanks to new tools and techniques emerging after the developments in technology. WordPress, for example, is an opensource software that lets you build any kind of website, whether it is a professional website, a blog, or an e-commerce site, very easily.

More than 35% of the websites on the web are built with WordPress, that’s 455 million websites and more, making it the most popular CMS in the world.

We shared in our previous blog insights on how to start a website.

Now let’s take a closer look at some WordPress Plugins that you can use on pretty much any type of website you might have or want to build. Although the kind of website you have, mostly determines what plugins you should have on your website, there are some essential plugins that every WordPress website needs.


If you want your WordPress site to score well in search engines like Google, you need an SEO plugin to help you optimize the page. The most downloaded and userfriendly plugin is Yoast SEO, but you can also go for The SEO Framework, SEOPress or All in One Seo Pack

Security and performance

One thing you need to make sure is that your website and the visitors of your website are safe from any malicious attacks. Plugins like Wordfence, Jetpack, and Defender will help you track down vulnerabilities on your website, keep your website secure, improve the site performance


Regardless of what kind of site you have, you’ll need at least a Contact page. To create the most fundamental page on your website, you need a form builder like Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms or if you want to take it a step further and build a multipage form, like a quiz, you can you Gravity Forms


If you have an online store, then WooCommerce is the plugin you need! This free eCommerce platform enables you to sell both digital as physical products at ease. But besides the platform, you also might want to have a look at plugins that offer higher conversion or sales optimization. Reduce cart abandons with pop-ups of Sumo, sent automatic invoice emails with WooCommerce PDF Invoices, or offer gift cards or discount codes to your customers with YITH WooCommerce Gift Card.


You don’t want a slow website, that’s why it’s always nice to use a caching plugin that can really speed up your website! Create a good and fast environment for returning and new users on your website! A good example of a caching plugin that you can use is,  W3 Total Cache it’s the most used one and for good reason, it’s very easy to install and set up on any WordPress website and make it faster in seconds. Also, a good plugin is WP Super Cache which can be a good alternative to the W3 plugin if you have any compatibility issues or just want to try out something different!

Image Optimization

Uploading images and showing them to the users is a big part of any website. It is very important that the pictures have a good quality but also doesn’t overload your server, imagine a 4MB picture that looks amazing but it would require the user to download the picture so that he can see it on his phone/PC, this will be an issue because a lot of time will be spent on the user side just for them waiting, this will drive users away from the website and we can fix that with a simple plugin: EWWW Image Optimizer which will be able to optimize and compress the pictures when uploaded automatically which means you won’t need to worry about the size of the picture before uploading.

Last but not least if all of this sounds like abracadabra to you, contact us so we can start building your website.