Did you know that one of the most frequently asked questions on the web is how to set up a website? And that has a very good reason; In today’s world, it is almost impossible for your business to survive without a digital appearance. In the last years, we gained lots of experience building E-commerce sites or websites. So if you are thinking about starting a website, let us share some insight knowledge on how to do this and help you avoid some common pitfalls.


Where do I start?

It seems easy to set up a website nowadays. If your intention is to build the site as a hobby or for fun, then we can say that a free web page is a right choice. But if you have commercial expectations from your site, then the situation changes. As a Newby to website building, the first thing you do is google how to build a website?  After writing these magical words, the first sites that will appear are very nice-looking websites that are either free or very cheap.  Why pay more when you can have it free right?! So within seconds, you’ll decide that “such a site” is enough for you. And at that moment a big mistake is made.


Don’t Let Your Dream Become a Nightmare

You got a free page and in all your enthusiasm you started adding content. By now you know that you are not allowed to use pictures or images or articles that have a copyright. So, after hours searching for free images and writing content you have reached the point of a so-called world of SEO: keywords, google analytics, metatags. Let’s say that you’ve even made your way through all the readings and tips and how to use SEO.  You realize that you haven’t done anything on your site setting, like making it mobile-friendly or build in a contact form, not to speak of the not-so-user-friendly design of the site, but let’s not go into this detail for now.  What definitely will be bordering you, is the almost endless name of your websites like mybeautifulsite.wordpress.com or whyisthisnamesolong.wix.com. Eventually, your free website will not receive many visitors beside you and your closest friends or relatives.


So What Now?

After not receiving visitors to your site for weeks or months, you start to realize that the first mistake that you made was the words in your search engine: how to build a website? instead of how to build a professional website?   Let’s not wait months or years with trial and error and answer the question on your behalf. Let’s give some insights on what professional website should contain if you want to compete with other websites:

  • A functional theme that allows your visitors to easily navigate on your website
  • Mobile compatibility
  • SSL certificates that will ensure the security of your site
  • Applications that will allow your visitors to communicate with you (contact form, automatic e-mail, chatbot)
  • E-Commerce applications like payment methods and shipment options
  • Domain hosting and email addresses
  • SEO optimization
  • Admin panel where you can easily add, update or delete content
  • Possibility to extend your sales options in the future. If for example, you like to run a campaign with vouchers.
  • And of course, additional support and updates on the site


Let a Professional Do the Job!

So you see, it takes a lot to set up a well-functioning professional site. Whether you are offering a service, or you want to sell products, please keep in mind that the most effective way of making your voice heard in the world is through excellent web design. Considering this, we hope that you found the answer to the question of how to make a website now?  If you come to the conclusion that you need help from professional web designers or software developers, have a look at the templates on our website papervampire.com where we offer an optimum price for building your dream website or e-commerce site.